But Will I Be The Oldest One There?

Right now I could not be more excited. In exactly 5 hours and 33 minutes, and 16 seconds I am going to see what has quickly become one of my favorite bands, live, and only minutes from my home. Yes, people, tonight, I, Yummy Mummy, am going to be front and center at a Wakey! Wakey! show.

I know, I know I can hardly believe it myself.

Ever since I heard this band, about a year ago I have been obsessed, Obsessed. I have stalked followed them closely and I have been waiting oh so patiently for their tour to come up my way. A few months ago I saw on Twitter that they would be playing at the Great Scott venue in Allston and I can guarantee you that I was the first one to have tickets in my hand (ahem inbox) given that they were purchased merely seconds after the tweet was published (yes, I need a life.) The timing couldn't be more perfect as my little sister just com to town for the rest of the Summer, and she, like me, is also a HUGE fan. When I was buying the tickets I couldn't help but notice that the show said that it was 18 and up. This left me with two burning questions.
  1. Will they serve alcohol?
  2. Will I be the oldest one there?
I finally broke down last night and called the bar manager who told me that:
  1. Yes, alcohol is available for those over 21 (whew) and
  2. Yes, I will be considered as a chaperone for the event (okay, he didn't really say that but I could hear it in his voice.)
He also said that I would not qualify for the senior discount, but I can rest assured that one of the youngins will likely offer this old lady a seat at the bar. Whether that happens or not I am in for one great night of music. I am also pretty sure that I will use a line that I have become famous for when I am out with my sis which is, "young man don't you realize that I could be your mother?" Which depending on how much I drink is usually said to any "boy" between the ages of 21 and 30. 

If you are into Wakey! Wakey! and want to see this momma make a fool of her self, tickets are still available (and are crazy cheap) and can be purchased here.

As a side I cannot tell you how awesome these guys are. After I wrote this post about the band I received the nicest email from their management. I absolutely cannot wait to see these guys up close and in person! Yep, dream. come. true.

5 hours.... 11 minutes....