These Don't Have Anything To Do With That Crazy Housewife, Do They?

Today, I realized that I have completely forgotten to share with you my absolute favorite new purchase for Summer. I say Summer because I just got them, but these pretties are absolutely appropriate for the Spring, Fall, and if I lived in a much warmer place, the Winter too! I saw these beauties, aka the Bensimon sneaker, on the website from one of my favorite stores Dress, and I went in the next week with two very important questions. 

1) These don't have anything to do with that crazy housewife, do they? and 
2) How are these different from my converse (my first love in life.)

The owner responded.

1) Um, no. and 
2) Once you put these on you will honestly throw your converse away.

Turns out she was absolutely right on both accounts. Please let me introduce you to the perfect sneaker. Perfect because not only can this shoe be worn with jeans, cargos, and shorts, but it is also delicate enough to be worn with any and all Summer dresses. 

For someone who bikes everywhere, and needs a little more toe coverage and tread, this shoe really is just what I needed. The pictures really don't do them justice, but these sneaks are very reminiscent of the canvas kicks that Jennifer Grey wore in Dirty Dancing. I would be lying if I said that this isn't the reason why I love them most. Well, that and the fact that they are machine washable.

They are from a company based in France and made in France, but they can be found online, and are super affordable at less than 50 dollars a pair. I picked up the gray low-tops at Dress and just ordered the cherry red slip-ons after I realized that I am going to wear through the first pair in about a month at the rate that I am using and abusing these babies.

Awesome shoes, no crazy housewives involved.

Online they can be found here, and the above pictured are from Dress.

Happy Weekend my friends!