Thank You Mayor Menino!

About a month ago I was heading to swimming with my little man, and while we were taking our usual bike route from Commonwealth Avenue to Mass Ave.  I saw something that almost knocked me over.

A bike lane!? An actual bike lane in the city of Boston?? A lane made just for bikers??? I could hardly believe my eyes. This was not just any bike lane, mind you, but a bike lane that was on the opposite side of the street from where the cars park. As in not on the same side

Wait, I thought to myself, does this mean that I no longer will have to my breath every time a car door swings open? Could it possibly be that there will be no more weaving in and out of traffic trying to avoid cars that are (illegally) double parked? Is this the last day that I would have ridden 15 minutes out of my way, down the river, to avoid any and all traffic into town? Am I dreaming?

Seriously, after seeing this beautiful bike lane I had to pinch myself to make sure I wouldn't wake up. I then took a minute to make sure that I wasn't in Cambridge (the land where bike lanes are plentiful) and then took a picture as proof that even in this day and age, miracles really do happen. 

All I can say is thank you Mayor Menino, finally some real safety for my Little Man, and some more much needed sanity for his mum.

Note: The new bike lanes run the length of Commonwealth Avenue to BU and intersect with the preexisting lanes on Mass Ave.