So That's Why You Mix It Up...

A few weeks back I was running late for my usual Saturday yoga class and I realized that sadly I would have to forgo my weekend exercise ritual for yet another week. When I  arrived the gym I even considered turning around because I simply could not stomach another hour on the treadmill/ stair master from hell. I quickly came to the conclusion that the problem with my workouts is that for the past year they have never changed. Never. I always practice yoga 2-3 times a week, and then 1-2 days I will do a mix of running on the treadmill and climbing steps.

Back to the missed class. I figured that I had already made it to the gym (at 9:00 am on a Saturday, mind you) and turning around and going back home would have been pointless, so I did something I never do and went to the board which lists all of the day's classes. I saw that there was a class that had something to do with kettlebells, which was immediately followed by some kind of cardio kickbox/ dance class. I remembered reading about this class in Shape last month (where they did a feature on the best classes in a few major cities) and this was on the top of their list of killer classes to try. Even though I am truly one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet (no I'm not joking,) I figured what the hell and walked in a few minutes after class started. Cut to me an 1 1/2 later, dying, wanted to puke, covered in sweat, and already amazingly, ridiculously, exhausting sore. In short, I got a great workout.

Sure I was lost most the time, and I found myself wanting to sneak out the back more than once, but overall I had a blast. This type of class is something that I normally would never do, but it was also kind of fun, and the next weekend I found myself at the same spot at 9 am and I actually chose the kettlebell hell over my favorite yoga class (why oh why do they have to be on the same day and time, it's like Sophie's choice without the actual drama,) and now I am mildly addicted. I recognize that I am a person who hates change (of any kind) and I think doing something small like this which is so out of my comfort zone is good practice for when I have to face more major changes, plus my body also appreciated me  for mixing it up.

Appreciated? I should say my body punished me for an ENTIRE week for going to a class that it was not used to. The day after kettlebell hell I could hardly lift my arms, two days after I was wincing in pain, and this pretty much continued on until the beginning of the next class. Clearly, I had used some muscles that were not being utilized in my other classes, and now after having been through a  few more I am no longer as sore after and I surprisingly I am feel so much stronger in this class, and in my other classes.

Ahhhhhh So that's why they tell you to mix it up...

In keeping with this spirit, on Monday I let me best friend M take me through one of her favorite treadmill workouts. I had to laugh when she pulled out a piece of paper from a fitness magazine that had to be circa 1980, but the workout was great and now I can see why she has been carrying it around for 20 years (I'm not joking, the girl has a few dozen photocopies!.) I was lucky enough to snag a copy to share, and again today I hit the treadmill solo and I found myself loving this interval training. It's great because it's pretty low impact on the knees, you never have to sprint for more than 4 minutes, and the fact that it is done in intervals is designed to keep you from getting bulky. A run that is actually fun, and keeps you lean? Yeah, I'll take two please.

Here is the workout:

4.5 Miles, 400-500 calories burned.
Total time 50 minutes
00:00-3:00 4 mph
03:01-6:00 4.5 mph
6:01- 9:00 5.5 mph
9:01-12:00 4 mph
12:01- 16:00 6.5 mph
16:01- 19:00 4 mph
19:01- 22:00 6.5 mph
22:01- 25:00 4 mph
25:00- 29:00 5.5 mph
29:00- 33:00 6.5 mph
33:01- 37:00 4.5 mph
37:01- 41:00 6.5 mph
41:01- 44:00 5.5 mph
44:01- 47:01 6.5 mph
47:00- 50:00 4.0 mph

If you happen to belong to the Back Bay Equinox and want to try out Saturday's class, I'll be the one in the back. You'll recognize me as the one who's panting and doing all the wrong moves. You know I'm not joking about that part!

You better watch out, the next time I have to ninja fight in a disco I will be the one kicking ass and taking names!