It's That Time Again.

It's that time again, right now I am packing, packing, packing for another trip to Costa Rica (our home away from home.) Usually, at this time, I am a bundle of nerves (to put it lightly) thinking about how my Little man is going to fare on our travels down south, but this year I find myself bubbling with anticipation and excitement because I know that we are going to have an absolute blast.

I never would have believed it, but it really is amazing what a difference a year can make when you are dealing with toddlers. It really is on the same scale as dog years, 1 =7. Unlike last year, this time around, I know our airplane ride will be a breeze, because miracles do happen, and my Little Man really has learned how to sit still.* Beyond the travel part, I am most excited about how much fun we are going to have when we finally get down there. Yes, I said we. We, as in there really is something for all of us down there. Dad is going to get his surf. Mom is going to get to catch up with old friends, and some good books by the pool, and the LM is going to get to swim, play in the ocean, throw sticks and rocks, and chase every lizard and crab on this side of the equator. In short, he gets to be the wild little boy that he wants to be, and this time around I get to sit back, watch, and enjoy.

We don't leave until Saturday morning, but I am determined to get us packed and ready to go by Wednesday so there will be no last minute frenzy (yes, I have to admit this has happened in the past) and then we will just wait, and wait for the heaven that is the most beautiful place on earth.

I'll be posting regularly this week, and then almost as regularly from the beach. Wi-Fi + sand in my toes + a cold margarita.... need I say more?

*LM + DVD player is like some magical combination that allows for a happy and quiet flight for everyone stuck on the 647.