About Last Night.

My Little Man has recently discovered the concept of time. Before this development time only meant what we were doing at that EXACT moment, and if it wasn't something he liked he would basically lose his mind (okay, his shit too) until I assured him that "later" we would be doing something that he actually did like. For the past few weeks, however, he has begun to ask questions like, "where I going," and "where I go first?" This has morphed into, "I go swimming later," or "later you get me from school." This understanding of time has allowed for a little more explanation from my end, and a lot less temper tantrums from his (thank you sweet baby Jesus.) All was going swimmingly until he somehow got hooked on the concept of "last night." Basically, in his little mind, there now are two (and only two) times; right now and last night.

"Last night" as in:
"Mommy, I go Costa Rica last night." (yes, except this is happening 2 weeks from today.)
"Mommy, I paint chalkboard wall last night." (we did this, but few weeks ago.)
"Mommy, you go bye bye last night." (yeah mommy went bye bye, except that was last weekend.)
"Mommy, you told me "no, no, no" last night." (okay, he's got me there but given that this is pretty much a certainty I'm convinced that he is not recalling a true memory from the night before.)

All of this "last night" stuff was pretty cute, and I never really gave any thought to it. I knew what he was talking about, so I figured what's the harm? That was until I got the this phone call Tuesday afternoon:
"Hello, Mrs. YM, this is Miss X from X nursery school. I was just calling to remind you that we have a 48 hour sick policy, meaning that children are not supposed to be brought to school until 48 hours after any illness."
Um, okay? I thought to myself, wondering that the hell this woman was talking about. The last time my little man was sick was late April.
"Well you see, she continued, the LM was just telling the class that last night he was puking all over his crib, and I understand that he looks fine today, but you know he could still be contagious."
Last night? I began to rack my brain. He wasn't puking last night. What is she talking about? Then a bell went off, "OH you mean "last night, last night." "Yeah, that was a month ago pay no attention."

She completely understood and apologized for the call. I appreciated their effort to keep germs out of the school, and the little man went on with his day not knowing the confusion that he had caused. No harm, no foul.

So in the end "last night" got us into a little bit of trouble, but it taught me one very big lesson; anything and EVERYTHING I've ever done (or said) in front of the Little Man will absolutely come back to bite me in the ass, and whatever it is, it happened LAST NIGHT.