What Are You Listening To, Part Two.

A few months ago I wrote about how I was completely out of touch with what was happening in the musical world. After a year year of listening to Raffi and Elmo I truly was completely lost, and I really had forgotten what it was like to be obsessed with a song or a band. Soon after I began to make a conscious effort to try to find new music that would again inspire me. In my quest, I stumbled upon this band Wakey! Wakey! and I found myself in love (like head over heels in love.)

Stumbled may not quite be the right word. I am ashamed to admit but I was actually watching one of my guiltiest pleasures, One Tree Hill, and this band was featured on the show. Their music was probably the best I have heard in years, and they immediately became one of my favorite bands. I recognize that the show is geared towards a younger audience (and I should totally be embarrassed by the fact that I never miss an episode,) but I can assure you that this band is not your teenager's band.

The vocals and lyrics are completely heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time, and the band itself is nothing short of amazing. There are piano and strings mixed in most songs (something I love) and I am honestly shocked that these guys aren't more of a sensation. For a while I was only able to find a hand full of songs on iTunes, but my prayers were recently answered as they finally came out with a new cd. I believe that they tour frequently, and I am making it my mission to see them live sometime this year. If you want a sample of the magic that is Wakey!Wakey!, here are a few of my absolute favorite songs. 

Love, love, love.

The band's website can be found here.