Wardrobe Essentials 3: The Trends.

I think I've said it before, and I will say it again, I have never considered myself to be "trendy." Sure, I follow trends, but time and time again I find myself buying pieces that I will love this season and the next (and the next and the next, etc.) I would hate to purchase something only to find out a few months later that it has gone out of style or worse that I look too young in what I am wearing. I always feel that as a mom, and as someone now in my thirties, that it has become more and more important to dress my age. That being said there are a few "trends" that I am loving right now. I have tried to wear each in a way that is both age, and mom appropriate. 

1) Embellishment.
Oh how I love me some embellishment. Seriously, if it wasn't against the law I am pretty sure that I would have bedazzled my kid by now (you think I'm joking don't you?) While I love to look at embellishment, I'm not always sure I like to wear so much flash. This bolero adds just the right amount of sparkle, without being too over the top. Bolero vintage by Zara.


2) A Skinny Vest.
This is one trend that I fell in love with a year or so ago but I always thought that this look was definitely for women in their twenties. I don't know why but I just figured that this was one thing that I was too old for. That was of course before Gwyneth came along. Back when GOOP was good (remember that?) she featured this vest in one of her newsletters. I loved the look on her, and basically stalked this vest online until I found at a more reasonable price point. I usually wear it with boyfriend or skinny jeans and a white tank. Vest by Mason.

3) Crochet.
Crochet is a super hot trend right now, and I for one am LOVING it. I am almost on the verge of learning how to do it just so I can fashion some seriously hot Summer garments for myself. Until then this sweater will have to do the trick. Sweater Bird by Juicy. (if you haven't checked out this line it has some pretty amazing stuff, and no there are no logos on the butt (thank god!))

4) Liquid Leggings and 
5) Over The Knee (OTK) Boots.
This is another trend normally reserved for the young, but I just couldn't resist. I typically pair both with black and try to stay as classic or understated on top as I can. As you can see I think it makes for a pretty fierce and age appropriate(ish) look. Boots by Joie, and Leggings 10 dollars from unknown online retailer.

6) Leather.
Do you all remember that girl from Project Runway that made everything out of leather, pronounced (LeTH-AAAA)? I still can't say the word without thinking of her! Pronunciation aside I am a huge fan of the leather jacket. This almost made my list of essentials, but was narrowly beat out by the boyfriend blazer. I love the way a leather jacket can add so much dimension and texture to an outfit. Plus it just makes me feel like one bad ass bitch. This quilted version adds a little more softness to the trend and can be worn with almost anything pretty much all year long. I love pairing mine with florals to "girly" up the look. Jacket by Tory Burch. 

7) Army Jacket. 
This season it seems like the army jacket is everywhere, and I for one couldn't be happier about this trend. It's comfy, it's cool, and it adds a little "something" to almost any outfit. I typically wear mine with a super casual look, like the one below, but I have been know to also throw it over a spring dress. This is one trend that I hope becomes a classic. Jacket by Calypso. 

So there you have it, the clothes, the shoes, and the trends. I hope you guys got a kick out of going through my wardrobe with me because I had a blast putting this together. I must admit that I was pretty exhausted from all of the wardrobe changes. All that dressing and re-dressing kind of made me feel sorry for Giselle, thinking she must go through this on a weekly basis..... NOT! 

Tomorrow I'll be back to posting as usual, until then...