Marine Week.

When I first heard that Marine Week was coming to Boston, my head was immediately filled with images from the Sex and The City episode where the girls showed us all how much fun Fleet Week could really be. After I had picked out my sparkliest number, (no not really) I headed downtown with my little man to see what kind of military adventures we had in store. 

While it was not quite the party that Carrie and company enjoyed, what we saw was equally as awesome. So awesome in fact that my little man made us come back the next day; twice. There may have not been hundreds of cute single bachelors, but the massive amount of artillery definitely made up for it. Filing the following under things I never thought I would see my two year old do...

I never thought I would see my two year old walk through a massive Marine helicopter.

I never thought I would see my two year old drive a giant Marine truck.

Or a Marine Jeep.

I never thought he would climb on top of a tank.

And I especially never thought my two year old would learn how to shoot a machine gun.

That's more like it. All of this "training" definitely made for one hungry boy.

Marine Week is in the Boston Common through friday afternoon. If you are in the area you should absolutely check it out. Tomorrow morning the "birds" will be taking off between and nine and ten. 

Yeah, that should pretty much be the highlight of our year.