Cue Jay-Z and Alicia.

Editors note: Playing this song while reading this post is the only way to truly to get a glimpse at the enthusiasm that is bubbling inside of me. 

Yes, It's finally time for my NYC Sex and the City Weekend!!!!

Tomorrow at 7 am I will be embarking on my child free/ husband free 56 hour Carrie Bradshaw dream weekend. Here is what my dream looks like.

  • Tomorrow I (or "Carrie" as I would hereinafter like to be referred to for the rest of the weekend) will be taking the train (for the first time) and on my agenda is reading The Carrie Diaries, a new US Weekly, and 2 months worth of Vogue. 
  • Having drinks on the rooftop of the new Standard hotel. (apparently it is open to us "normal" people from 4:30p-8:30p.)
  • Seeing SATC 2!!! (at 6p tomorrow). Oh, Aiden I heart you.
  • Checking out a recommended art installation between Washington and Greenwich St.
  • Lunch at Pastis and Cafe Cluny. (highly recommended by my bestie)
  • Tapas in the West Village.
  • Staying with my SIL on Bleecker Street (I think that's where Ms. Bradshaw lived.)
  • Checking out Chelsea flea markets. 
  • Checking out all of the service men in uniform. (It is Fleet Week you know!)
  • Window (and otherwise) shopping in Nolita.
  • Keeping my eyes out for stalking any and all celebrities. 
  • Vintage shopping on the lower east side. 
  • Reading the Sunday New York Times on Sunday, in New York (this may be what I'm most excited about.)
  • Sleeping in past 7am. (ditto on the above)
  • And finally, eating and drinking, and eating and drinking, and eating, and drinking, and eating....
I am so excited I think my head is about to pop!

Is there anything that I am missing???? If any of you NYC locals have any tips, please, please, please send them my way!!!

On a side note my SIL has made me promise not to sing the above song at the top of my lungs everywhere we go. Apparently it may give away my tourist status. I assured her that my cover will likely be blown by the GIANT camera that I will be carrying at all times. I may be outed as a non-local but I promise to have some great pics from the trip to share with you all when I get back.

I hope you all have a great long weekend and that you ladies are able to get in some Sex and the City time with your girls!

Cue Jaz-Z and Alicia...... "In New York......"