Am I A True New Englander Yet?

Okay, so now I've been Apple Picking, gone on the Nantucket Stroll, spent the weekend at the Cape, and have finally spent an amazing day at the Brimfield Fair. Is it safe to say that I can now myself a true New Englander? Alright, maybe not a true New Englander, but after yesterday I can at least say I have experienced on of the greatest events this state has to offer. Not surprisingly, we had a blast at the fair and between the three of us we ended up finding some pretty awesome deals and steals. One man's trash was definitely this mum's treasure.

What did I find? Well, since you asked, here goes.

This bowl. (Yes, I am in love.)
 This is from sometime in the 1960's and it was a steal for $35 dollars. As I learned yesterday nothing is really what they say it is price wise, so it's all about how much you are willing to pay. I happy forked over my thirty bucks for this baby.

Here it is assimilating in our home. I plan on stocking it with brightly colored fruit. (An idea given to me by my über creative girlfriend J.)

I also scored this glass jar (ahem, vase for about 30 bucks.)
 Today I will be filling it with some tall branches. I was in search for something unique to put on our kitchen counter and this definitely fit the bill.

It's from about 1910 and I have to admit it was the writing that sold me on the piece. I love the idea of filling it with different flowers throughout the year. Today my MIL informed me that I can hang easter eggs from it in the Spring. Oh, how I love it even more now!

The biggest score of the day were these shutters! I swear I almost cried when I saw them. I had gone to the event in search of an old door or something that I could use to make a headboard for the little man's new big boy bed. Immediately we saw some shutters with a moon on them and decided to keep looking. My friend J spotted these from across the field and we raced over secure them. This weekend I am going to paint them blue, keeping the distressed sail boat white, and next week a carpenter is coming to cut a foot off the height and secure them to the bed. In the end that crappy old Ikea bed will have been turned into something pretty unique. 

Seriously, those antique sailboats are truly to die for.

My absolute favorite purchase of the day was not furniture related, but rather dough related. Fried dough to be exact. I have to admit I have never had fried dough. Funnel cake, yes. Buttery, delicious, fried dough, no. Eating this I was in pure heaven, and I think I might have scared the girls with exactly how much I loved this. Just thinking about it makes me ready to drive back right now! (I love that you think I'm kidding.) Is there such a thing as fried dough anonymous? 

I am the first to say that I got caught up the in antique fair fever (not a shock I know.) Sometime mid-morning I stumbled on this French locker from the early 1900's. I was absolutely smitten and somehow I was able to convince my husband that this is exactly what we needed in our entryway. I decided up front how much I was willing to pay, and the proprietor wasn't having any of it. He wanted 900 for this beauty and I had to walk away and instead I spent all last night dreaming of this locker. I hope it's future owner loves it as much as I do (and for close to a thousand bucks they better!) 

The second thing I fell in love with but did not bring home were these 3 foot tall tin letters. Clearly, I have been watching too much 9 by Design because I almost brought these babies home to hang right smack on my living room wall. I was so ecstatic to see that I could spell eat, that I didn't consider that this might not go with  the aesthetic of our home. My girl M took me by the shoulders, shook me, and told me that I absolutely could not hang those on the wall. My husband was very grateful and I have to admit I am too. Needless to say I wish that I would have bought them. I probably could have gotten them for $150 and although they don't go with this home, I can guarantee you that somewhere down the road I am going to have a kitchen that will be screaming for a giant tin "EAT" on the wall. 

Hmmmmm, I guess that's just my reason to go back next year. Ha! Like I would need a reason! 

If you live in the area and haven't been out to the fair, take it from one (almost) New Englander to another, you absolutely must go see it. Oh, and if anyone sees a giant French locker on the side of the road, you know how to get a hold of me!