The Adoption Story.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about adoption (after seeing this beautiful picture of Sandra Bullock's baby how could you not?) We haven't given up on the IVF process at all but I think we need to take a real look into the possibility that there is a chance that we might not be able to conceive in the next 3 or 4 tries. After that we lose our insurance coverage for this type of care and I can easily see my husband and I turning to adoption in search for our baby. I've been poking around on the Internet a bit and a lot of the information that I have seen isn't all that informative. From what I gather it depends on the country, agency, timing, etc. In short I haven't seen any clear answers. I know quite a few of you readers have adopted or know someone who has an adoption story, so if you have any information you would be willing to share in the comments I would be unbelievably grateful. Not knowing that much about the process, here are my initial reactions to the idea of adopting.

I would be comfortable adopting domestically or internationally. I would like for the adoption to be "closed" or at a maximum I would like very minimal contact with the birth parents. Race is not an issue. Ideally I would like a newborn. Gender is not an issue, but if I was given a choice I would lean towards a girl. I cannot imagine a 4 year wait, I would like to look at a place that would allows for a speedier adoption (assuming that all the precautions for the birth family are in place.) I would not be looking to become a foster guardian if there is a chance that we would have to give custody back to the original parents. As soon as we make the decision we would be ready to go, there would be no lag time on our end. The cost would not be a huge consideration.

I actually feel bad listing these things out. I realize it's not like a menu that we are ordering from but somehow writing it down feels that way. From what I gather these type of issues that need to be considered and I feel like if I am not honest in the beginning then somewhere along the line we would become uncomfortable in the process.

We have always believed that a family is a family no matter how it comes about. I have half-sisters, step parents, etc. I would ideally like to have a natural sibling for my Little Man, but if we are unable to do this on our own then I am hoping that the missing piece to our little family would be waiting for us somewhere out there.