What's In Your Makeup Bag?

Lately I have been getting quite a few emails asking me what are some of my favorite makeup picks for Spring. I am a serious creature of habit and rarely change my makeup routine from one season to another (with the exception of the bronzer that I bathe in during the Winter months) so while my makeup bag may not that adventurous it is definitely full of some tried and true products.  Here is is a glimpse into  my makeup bag (the real thing is no where near this clean so this dramatic recreation will have to do the trick.)

Some of my product "must haves" include Fresh's liquid foundation. I love this foundation,  it is  made with this "clay like substance" that is super mosturizing without being too heavy. It is also great for acne prone skin.  I also love Benefit's benetint, I wear the peony stain in the Summer and the basic rose in the winter. For mascara I cannot live without Diorshow in blackest black for night, and  Benefit's badgal mascara in brown for day. I wear MAC liquid brow set every day and I also their eyeshadow. Era is my current favorite and I always sweep it on in the morning as my base. I wear MAC blush in Pink Swoon one top of the benetint for a pop of color (yes, I love me some pink cheeks.) For lips I pretty much wear DiorKiss in strawberry smoothie when I want a little drama, but all day, every day, I live in Bonnie Bell's Doctor Pepper lip gloss (and no, I'm not kidding.) I love the hint of color, I love the taste and smell, and I love that I have been wearing it since I was 10 years old (I told you I was  a creature of habit.)

So that's my bag. Tell me, what products can you not live without? Maybe one of these days I get up the nerve to try something new. Maybe.