New Obsession: Fiorentini + Baker Boots.

I realize that we aren't even into Summer fashion season yet (although right now it feels like it's mid December day rather than the middle of April) but lately it is Fall boots that have been keeping me up at night. Well, the boots and that little embryo that may or may not still be floating around. The embryo I have no control over, but the boots? The boots I can I can touch, smell, and drool on (I would like to apologize to the entire staff at Barneys for that last one.) 

Yes, I am again a woman obsessed and this time the objects of my obsession are the boots made by Fiorentini + Baker. Ever since I saw these boots on a stylist I know I have been dreaming of owning my very own pair. They really are the perfect flat motorcyclish boots. I say ish because they have all of the draw of a tough boot without all of the severe hardware that usually accompanies this type of style. The only problem is narrowing down my favorite to just one.

I tried on the "short" boot the other day and because I was in a way too big size it didn't look quite right. Today I am lusting after the calf length boots but am I bit turned off by the effort of the three buckles. As one of my best friends put it, "I'm not sure I'm ready to sign up for all that." I found the much more manageable two buckle online, but there still is the issue of color? I am leaning towards the grey, but am wondering if I should stick to basic black. Then again the dark brown is just dreamy..... decisions, decisions, decisions. 

You know it's a good thing I'm not getting these until the Fall, all of this pressure can't be good for the baby!

The entire line can be found here.