It Is Decided.

After seeing the new Sex and the City 2 trailer it is decided, I absolutely must see this movie opening night in NYC. The fact that my sis-in-law recently moved to Carrie's street means that it is meant to be. May I add that my b-day is only a few weeks before and my husband has already gifted me a weekend away meaning that the timing is nothing short of pure destiny. Throw in that this movie opens Memorial day weekend meaning I get not one, not two, but (wait for it) three days to live my Carrie Bradshaw dream.... well if there is any reason to believe in god, then by all means this is it.

Without further ado may I present the second greatest trailer of all time. (The first of course being the previous trailer for this movie.)

One word: Aiden.

Second word: Aiden.

One more word: Aiden!

I didn't think it was possible but this movie just got 1 million times better!