Bunny Prints.

I can't remember when I first saw this idea, but I do remember being a 14 year old girl spending the night cutting out bunny footprints for my three little sisters (yes, even then I was pretty much lacking any "real" social life.) I have shared it with many satisfied parents along the way, and now I am more than excited to pass this on to my little bunny.  The concept is that you cut out all these little bunny footprints and leave them anywhere that the Easter Bunny would walk if he were to come into your house. The upside is that the kids absolutely love it, and you can re-use them every year. The downside is the carpal tunnel that you will get from cutting out a few hundred of these guys. Hey, that's why we were born with two hands right?

Here is a preview of what the little man will be waking up to on easter morning. I chose to use colored paper, but the footprint itself is pink so if you have a color printer and some white paper then you are ready to go. I plan on leading a trail from the front door to the LM's room, and back up the steps to the Easter basket. If I know my little man as well as I think I do, he is going to get quite a kick out of this.

The template can be found here.

Happy cutting, and Happy Easter to you all!