Bathing Suit Season.... Again?

Why is it that I always find myself in search of the perfect bathing suit? Strike that. I have found the perfect bathing suit numerous times and yet here I am again having to buy more. Is it because I am obsessed with buying itty bitty pieces of fabric at ridiculous prices? Is it because I love nothing more than trying on suit after suit in the dead of the winter when the temperatures are in the single digits? No, it must because I love the way my pale body glistens under the not so forgiving fluorescent lights in the dressing room, amplifying every flaw? Oh yes, the last one absolutely must be it (insert sarcasm here.) 

Unfortunately, the real reason I find myself  again looking at bathing suits is that I have finally learned that these babies are just not meant for the long haul. These are not what I would refer to as "investment pieces." No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get a suit to last more than one or two trips. Somewhere between the heavy bleach that most resorts/hotels/private homes use and the daily grind from surfing/swimming/building sand castles, my suits are truly getting destroyed. As in d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d. This is turn brings me back to my search for a replacement (s.) Well,  this time I think I have figured out a way to outsmart the process.

First off I absolutely refuse to spend any more money on designer suits, the use per wear is something I am no longer going to invest in. I was more than happy when I some of the new styles at J.Crew. I usually wear a bikini but I found myself oooohhinng and ahhhing over the one pieces as well. The prices are super reasonable and if I can get a few of these to last through the summer than I will be one happy (and tan) mummy. The second part of my attack plan is that I ordered 8 (yes 8) of these pretties. I plan on heating up my bathroom to a balmy 80 degrees and letting in as much natural light as possible. Then, and only then, (possibly with a glass of wine) will I begin my hunt for the perfect bathing suit. Those that don't fit the bill will be immediately sent back and those that do are welcome on my next trip. I realize that shopping for suits at home is not a novel concept but for some reason year after year I find myself shivering in that unforgiving dressing room wondering why the hell I am not doing this in the privacy of my own (warm) home.

Here is a sampling of some of the styles I selected. I'm thinking that the top three are going to be the winners, but I am also loving the one in the bottom middle. 

I never thought I'd say it but I'm actually looking forward to trying on bathing suits! What's next a pain free bikini wax? Let's not get carried away, that would be some kind of miracle!