Where Was This When I Was 21?

Wednesday morning I tweeted that I needed a hangover cure stat. Sadly, the twitter world was not able to answer my prayers, but because miracles do happen, that very same day I found what had been missing from the past 10 13 years (sorry mom) of my life. Yes, a cure for a hangover. No joke this really works!

The *magical* potion was found like this:
(8am call to BFF)

Me: Head Hurty
Bff: Right there with ya sister.
Me: Why did I think it was suck a good idea to have 5 glasses of wine last night?
Bff: Yeah, I'm not sure.
Me: Can you kill me now?
Bff: Probably not.
Me: LM up at 6, how am I going to survive until nap?
Bff: You need cure all tea.
Me: Cure all what?
Bff: Cure all tea, from the Kind Diet. Remember discussing this in detail last night?
Me: No, head hurty.
Bff: Meet me at the park in an hour and I'll bring you a cup.
Me: I owe you my life.

(Fast forward 2 hours and one large glass of salty tea later.)

Me: Holy shit it works!
Bff: Told you.

I am a believer! Never before has something made me feel so much better so damn fast. Alicia Silverstone must have sold her soul to the devil himself because this tea truly is other worldly. After I was cured I immediately rushed out and bought the book (yes, I am always late to the bandwagon) and thus far I haven't been disappointed. I'll save you all the 17.95$ and the pounding headache and share the recipe with you myself, but I must also highly recommend this book. We are 90 % vegetarian, and have a similar lifestyle to the one discussed, even so I am finding it a fascinating read and the recipes alone have made it worth the purchase price. I promise to try out almost all of them and share with you the best of the best.

In preparation for St. Patrick's day here is the Cure All Tea (note I found all the ingredients at Whole Foods.) It is recommended for hangovers, nausea, heartburn relief, to soothe digestion, and basically if you have a case of the blahs.

Serves 1

1 Kukicha tea bag(I've also used green)
1/4- 1/2 Umeboshi plum, pit removed and chopped very fine
3-5 drops Shoyu (it's a type of soy sauce)

Seep the tea in 1 cup of boiling water. While the tea seeps, place the Umeboshi plum into a teacup with the Shoyu. Pour the tea over the plum and stir well. Drink hot.

A cure for a hangover, where was this when I was 21? Hmmm perhaps it's a good thing I only found this now!

(Photo Credit: From Here)