What Book Were They Reading?

What book were they reading?

Maybe the better question is what were they smoking when they were reading that book and where can I get some?

See yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the trailer for the new movie based on Eat, Pray, Snooze err Love and I have to say that it looks pretty good. Like really good. So again I have to ask what book were they reading?

As I have said here before I had really high hopes for this before I began reading it (yes, Oprah convinced me it would "change my life too.)"Eat I liked, because, well, I like to eat but somewhere in the middle of "Pray" I just simply lost my resolve to push through to "Love" (which I heard is not all that bad.) After writing that post I was elated to find out that I was not the only one who felt this way (thank you all, even if you were lying to make me feel better.)

I have picked it up a few times (um, once) since writing that post and in the end I figured I would just wait for the movie to come out to see how it all ends. This once anticipated torturous event has now turned into something I am actually looking forward to.

Really good trailer or possible awesome movie? You be the judge.

Oh Eat, Pray, Love... I just can't quit you.