Tomorrow I want to look exactly like this.

Yesterday I "accidentally" picked up my neighbors new J. Crew catalog and I have to admit I instantly fell in love. No, it wasn't with the clothes (some of which were actually pretty cute) but rather it was with the way they styled their main model.

When I say in love, I mean IN LOVE.

Not only does my new muse have this perfect, "I'm a stay at home mom and have no time nor reason to actually style my hair," tousled hairstyle, but the makeup itself is just so fresh and clean that right now it is taking all of my willpower to not run to Sephora and copy this look from head to, well, chin. By willpower I mean not waking my little man and dragging him downtown, but rather patiently waiting until he is in school tomorrow so I can get my hands on the goodies, willpower.  I love that her hair is a little blonder in the front and tomorrow, thanks to my favorite hairstylist, mine will be too.

In short, tomorrow I want to look exactly like this.

Did I say love????
Now if I could also try to find a way to have the face of a 20 year old J. Crew model.
Baby steps, baby steps.