The Three Week Countdown.

Finally I have some baby news to report. Nothing too exciting (believe me you will know) but at last we have a date set for our embryo transfer. Up until today we were in a bit of a holding pattern (I'll spare you the specifics) but we now finally have a set day when I will be getting my little egglet back where it belongs.

Three weeks from today we will be going in for what I hope is the end of this baby mama drama (hope, but am completely realistic about the odds.) Three weeks from today we will get our 1 perfect little blastocyst put in, and then 7-14 days later we will know if it worked or not. While these dates don't mean a whole lot to the process, in my head they have done wonders. I am one of those people who has to feel like I am doing something (anything, everything) to fix a problem and all of this waiting has been driving me nuts and I feel so relieved to have these set dates on the calendar (yes I have them circled in red, I am one of those people.)

Three weeks until painless transfer; check. 5 weeks until we know whether or not out little blast made it; check. 15 weeks until we would (technically) be out of the woods; check. A baby born possibly around Christmas; check, check, check. You see where I'm going with this don't you? For today at least I feel like we have a plan. Today I feel like we are being proactive. Today I have hope.

So if you all wouldn't mind again crossing your fingers and toes for me, I'm pretty sure we could use all the good wishes you can muster. I'll make sure to report back in 5 weeks with some news. Good or bad at least we will finally know something.