Next Stop London 2012?

Yummy Mummy is *officially* a soccer mom! For the last few months my little man has joined a little league of soccer super stars (ahem toddlers) and while the kids don't actually play any "real" games they do have an awesome time running around trying to kick the balls into an extra large net. Every week I am tempted to bring orange slices and Gatorade for our hard working players but then I remember that they are only two and the there is plenty of soccer games in our future. Maybe London 2012 is an impossibility (that damn age restriction) but as with most sports it's really about how you look playing isn't it? Hmmm at least that's what I told myself all those years ago when I was on the team (sadly a varsity player I was not.) Well, as you can see these boys have the look down pat... now if I could just get my little man to stop using his hands!

These awesome pictures were taken by Jaimie Arnold of Jaimie Arnold photography. If you live in Mass and are thinking of having portraits taken, trust me this is your girl! Her website can be found here.