Momma's Got a Brand New Bag.

Ever since the strap broke on my very favorite Marc Jacobs bag I have been not-so-secretly been on the hunt for a replacement. A few months ago I found the perfect day bag, and I must say that I do love the Serena and Lilly tote bag that I purchased. It has everything I need in a bag. Let me rephrase it has everything I need in an every day bag. What it is lacking is the ability to turn into a night time bag as well. Lately I have found that I actually have a bit of a life (shocking I know.) I have been going out to dinner with my girls on a more regular basis, meeting old friends for lunch, and the husband and I have re-instituted date night on a more regular basis. In short the day bag just wasn't cutting it any more. I wasn't ready to spend a small fortune on the Bottega, but I still wanted a bag that was fashionable, lightweight, reasonably priced, and something that could withstand all the crap I have to carry for my little man. I thought that finding a bag that met all of these qualifications was going to be a daunting task. I thought that before I stumbled upon this beauty. Behold the Tory Burch 'Clayton Classic'.

It's functional, fashionable, and oh so yummy, it is exactly what I have been looking for. The only problem? My Little Man likes it almost as much as I do. Hey, you can't fault the boy for having good taste, that and a serious case of bed head.