Line I Love: Orion London.

I am so over winter fashion. As in O.V.E.R. If I have to pull out another skinny jean/ sweater/ boot/ scarf combo I may have to hang myself in my closet! (how's that for being dramatic?) I now find myself dreaming of floral dresses, sandals and bare legs almost as much as I find myself dreaming of baby number two. (Yes, that much...sense the desperation?) I now lust after spring fashions like I lust after a 90 degree sunny day.

The other day when I went on Gilt I thought that I must have been dreaming when I came across the frocks at the Orion London sale. Awesome boho prints, beautiful floral patterns, basically the whole line screamed Spring. Sadly I missed out on all the bargains, but my world was opened to this adorable brand. I went to their website and was amazed to find that they had literally hundreds of different designs. They are all such easy pieces, and almost every single one could be worn in the warmer seasons with sandals and in the colder months with tights and heels. A four season wear? You can't really beat that.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Today there was a notice that they now have distributors in the US and with their reasonable prices this is definitely a line I love.

20 days until Spring..... I think I can.