I Blame Hoarders.

Is anyone else out there as obsessed with the show Hoarders as I am? Yeah, I figured as much. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's basically an Intervention type show about people who are Hoarders. What is a hoarder? A hoarder is a person who attaches sentimental value to any material possession, literally keeps everything, and is unable to throw away anything; a hoarder is basically the complete and total opposite of me.

Confession: I get so freaked out by "stuff" that I am always the first to want to give anything and everything away if I think that we no longer have a use for it (shoes and bags not included.) This is great, and allows us to live a pretty clutter free lifestyle unless and until we actually need the thing that I threw/ gave away (hence my 2 hour search for a denim jacket this morning.) I realize it is a bit strange that I love the show Hoarders given my fear of accumulating stuff. But I just can't help it, I love that damn show. I love it because when I watch it I seriously start to twitch and sweat, my heart starts racing and about 5 minutes in I become possessed and begin to clean and organize every inch of my 1800 square foot home. Every. Single. Inch. Honestly, our home has never looked better but trust me there is a downside to this insanity. The other day my husband came in and I was in the kitchen surrounded by every single utensil and appliance that we own, deciding whether they could be better organized (they couldn't) and in the background I was watching a woman stand in a kitchen that she couldn't even walk through. Yeah, we had a little bit of crazy going on. Given that "episode" I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise that when I went to the DVR today all of my episodes had been deleted. All of them. I'm guessing "someone" would rather not come home to a deranged spoon organizer.

While I can part with almost anything, I have begun to notice that this rule doesn't apply to the Little Man. Specifically, it doesn't apply to anything the Little Man has ever created. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded artwork. I am not joking when I say that we are on our way to being overrun with his projects. Every time I pick him up from school, he has another 5 "creations" that are being sent home with him. In the beginning I taped them to the fridge. Then to the windows. Then to the walls in the kitchen. And, well, then I ran out of room. I realize that I could make a book of them but given that my guy is only 2 and already has three full baby books I'm wondering how many this kid is going to want when he goes off to college (zero.) At this rate he will have about 25. That's why I got so excited when I saw this on one my favorite website Ohdeedoh. Here is the answer to my clutter nightmare:

A framed photo collage made up off all that beautiful artwork! This may be the coolest idea ever (this and indoor plumbing.) From what I gather all you do is shrink and color copy your favorite pieces and arrange them in a gallery frame. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking I would do a few by season and then change the artwork every few moths while keeping the same frame. I also love the idea that as the child grows so can the artwork. This is just what a crazy minimalist like myself dreams of! (No joke I dream of organizing in my sleep, yes I may need therapy.) But whether you are crazy or not this idea could work for everyone and it is so simple and easy.

Now I'm off to sort through my favorites, meaning I am off to copy every single picture that little boy ever made. Not only do I get to organize those pictures, but I then get to lay them out in a frame? This is a girls' dream!!!!!

Yep, definitely need therapy.

Happy cleaning everyone!