Cold Turkey.

It's time for me to admit it, to come right out and say it. Some of my closest friends already know this, but for most of you this will come as a surprise. A dirty and shocking surprise.

I am an addict.

For the most part I live a very clean and healthy lifestyle. I practice yoga regularly, I eat little to no meat, I don't smoke, I try to consume as many green veggies and berries as I can in a day, and rarely do I drink things like soda or any type of sugary beverage. In short, my body is my temple. Except it's not. See my vice, the thing that I just can't seem to quit, the thing that I think about on an hourly basis, the thing that I can NEVER have just one of... well this is the thing that it is time for me to say goodbye to. What is this evil that consumes my every other thought?

White sugar.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. White sugar, really? Come on how bad can it be. Well, let me tell you it has become bad. As in please step away from the cupcake (my drug of choice) with your hands up. As in, "I know this is my third mini cupcake of the night, but they are just so mini can't I have just one more?"As in my little man (who gets one mini cupcake after dinner at night) woke up this morning and looked in the box and asked, "where all the cupcakes went." Yeah, that bad.

Yep, I have a problem. Just like a social smoker I have convinced myself that it is okay to have just one a day. Just one cookie, just one cupcake, just one spoonful of the white stuff in my tea. Lately my "just one" has turned into my "just so many." Basically I have slowly spiraled down the sugar drain. This is not the first time this has happened,  I have seen this behavior before, every time I think that I am even close to getting pregnant, I tend to fall face first off the sugar wagon. Face first into a pillowy donut, or into a piece of chocolate cake. (mmmmmmmmm, chocolate cake.)

Not this time. Nope, this time I am giving it up cold turkey. Starting today, March 30 2010, I am embarking on a 90 day cleanse. I will not, under any circumstances (except on my birthday) indulge in the sweet stuff. No cookies, no donuts, no cupcakes (cry), none of it. I'm even giving up the artificial sweetener as well. I am going to see what it is like in a bitter, frosting free world.

What a sad and scary place the world seems to be without sugar, but I know it's my time to be brave. From now on my motto is WWASD aka What would Alicia Siverstone do. I can tell you she absolutely would not have had the third cupcake last night. Oh, the shame.

(Photo Credit: From Here.)