20 Random Things.

In honor of my 100th follower, thank you Elena of The White Picket Fence, I figured I would share with you 20 random things that you may not know about me. Hopefully after you finish this list I won't have scared any of you off!

Gulp, here goes!
  1. I cannot stand when my toe nails and fingers are different colors. They are always painted exactly the same.
  2. I have three little sisters, the youngest is only 15 and the oldest is 21.
  3. My favorite song is Don't Stop Believing, by Journey. When my Little Man was a baby he wouldn't eat unless it was playing.
  4. My favorite food is black olives, I can't stand green ones unless they are in dirty martini (which is my drink of choice.)
  5. I have never been bowling. Never.
  6. My favorite movie is Forest Gump. I have seen it at least 200 times and I still cry at the end.
  7. I not-so-secretly dislike dogs, but love dog owners.
  8. I get seasick. Bad.
  9. I moved in with my husband after 5 months of dating, 2 of those months he lived in another country.
  10. I have worn the same perfume for 16 years, Allure by Chanel. My husband now hates the smell.
  11. If I could do anything I would go to culinary school.
  12. I was *madly* in love with my college professor Dr. Nichols. He had a ponytail and an earring.
  13. I would never date a guy with a ponytail or an earring.
  14. When I was 14 I changed the spelling of my name to Robyn. 2 years later I changed it back to Robin.
  15. I consider myself to be "from" California, but I actually spent the fist 12 years of my life in Colorado.
  16. I think Steve Colbert is the sexiest man alive... followed closely by Anderson Cooper. Yes, I have a bit of a nerd fetish.
  17. My favorite day of the week is Friday because that's when my US Weekly arrives. I won't open it until I can read the entire thing in one sitting.
  18. I am living the exact life I always planned on living. Sometimes that freaks me out.
  19. I sleep in an Gore 2008 T-Shirt every night.
  20. I think about (and miss) my old job every day but I have never once considered going back.
So there you have it, 20 completely random things that you may not have known about me.

Thank you all for reading every day!! Muah!