You're A Genius!

"You're a genius!" That's what I said to the mother of four who came up with the idea to bring the "kitchen" to the beach. I was not the only one who felt this way, the 3 other moms that watched in awe for 2 hours as our kids happily played in the sand together (yes, together) were also pretty impressed with her creativity. Two hours? I couldn't believe it either!

I don't know about all kids, but my little man doesn't love the beach. Sure he loves the water, and enjoys chasing birds, but sitting in the sand and enjoying the peaceful view? Yeah, not so much. It doesn't matter how many brightly colored plastic toys I try to lure him in with, he's just not that into playing in the sand... until yesterday that was.

It was the salt shaker that first drew him in. After hearing years of "no" every time he tried to cover a table with salt and pepper, he finally got his revenge. Once he saw the measuring spoons, and cups he was pretty much the happiest kid in a 5 mile radius, thus making me the happiest mom in all the world. The "genius mom" said she saw someone else with the idea and immediately rushed out and created her own personal sand kit. I can't blame her because our first stop this morning is going to be to target to stock up before we fly to Florida tomorrow.

A few hours to relax on the beach? Thank you genius mom, you may have given me the best gift ever.