What's The Alternative?

A few days ago some anonymous commentator posted the following:
"You look extremely old for your age. Hello crows feet and eye bags! Yuck."

Um, okay... thanks for stopping by. No really, you know just how to make a girl feel good about herself. I'm sure you will have lots of good karma coming your way.*

That being said my question is what's the alternative? Should I a) botox myself until I look more like a Real Housewife of (Insert City Here) or b) rush in for emergency plastic surgery at age 30 a la Heidi Montag, c) spend my monthly clothing budget on high end skin cream, or d) grow old gracefully and fully embrace my crows feet and "eye bags?"

Yeah, I think I'll go with (d).

The truth is I always thought I looked pretty good for my age. No, I will never be mistaken for a co-ed but at the same time I don't think I will ever get mistaken as the LM's grandmother either. I feel as though I look like I am in my late 20's- early 30's which is a good thing considering that is exactly where I am. Sure I don't love wrinkles, but I feel as though I earned every single one of them and with a good skin care regimen and lots and lots of sunscreen I am hoping that I will look my age (or maybe a few years younger) for the rest of my life.

Bottom line, I am just not a huge fan of artificial beauty. Sure I color my hair and bleach my teeth, but you will not see me at the tanning salon, plastic surgeon, or wearing acrylic nails anytime soon. I think the way to remain "youthful" is more likely found by dressing well (ahem dressing your age,) working out, and accepting that you will never look like you are twenty when you are 30+. My role models are people in their 40s who look great for their age, not necessarily younger than their age. Women like Sheryl Crow, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston who are fit, beautiful, and real, crows feet and all.**

So thank you Anon for your comment. If you have the secret to eternal youth and beauty please feel free to share it with my readers, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. While you're at it can you please pass on the key to eternal happiness as well? Until then I'll just be happy with myself exactly the way that I am if you don't mind.

Here are Jen, Courtney, and Sheryl celebrating Jen's 41st birthday last week.
These women make 40 look damn good!

**Yes, I'm sure they have had some injections/ work done over the years, but I think that they look pretty close to their age.

Photo Credit (From Here.)