What A Girl Has To Do For A Yoga Class. Part 2.

Yesterday 9:00am.

Scene. The little man and I are fully dressed for a day at the bookstore followed by a much needed morning yoga class for mom. We excitedly walk into the garage talking about all of the fun that we are about to have.
Me: Crap.
LM: What happened momma?
Me: Daddy took the car to work.
LM: Uh Oh.
Me: The car with the stroller in the back.
LM: No stroller?
(deep breath, and a furious phone call to Daddy)
Me: Please, please, please tell me you took the stroller out of the trunk.
Husband: Yeah, you're dreaming... next time try reminding me.
Me: What the eff am I supposed to do now?
Husband: Take the backpack.
Me: The backpack that was made for a kid 1/2 his size? The backpack that weighs 14 lbs? The backpack that will weigh almost 50 lbs when I put the little man in it. That backpack? You want me to take that all the way to the train, then to the mall, then to the gym?
Husband: Yep, that's the one.
Me: Crap.

He may have been more than a few pounds over the *recommended* height and weight limit but I figured since we weren't climbing Everest there wasn't any "real" danger (except to my spine of course.) We survived the journey (oh my poor back) and the little man had a blast, and unlike last time this time I actually made it on time to a great Yoga class.

That being said this is definitely NOT going to be a common occurrence.

Note to self: Buy a second stroller.