Ever since we brought home some flowers for Grandma on Valentine's day my little man has been more than slightly obsessed with the idea of "surprise." As in about 100 times a day he brings me something (usually his shoes) and yells "Urpise" (aka "Surprise") at the top of his lungs. I usually thank him, give him a kiss, and send him on his merry way. That was before yesterday. Yesterday his surprise melted my heart. Last night I was making dinner while my little man was playing out in the backyard (note to self get a back yard) when he came in yelling that he had a surprise for me. I looked over expecting to see a pair of shoes and instead I saw this.

Yes, those are flowers (ahem weeds) and yes he pulled them just for me. I must say they are quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever been given and I officially love surprises.