On Borrowed Time.

Now that the husband and I are pretty sure that we are going to "fall" pregnant within the next few months (we are retrieving 8 eggs Saturday, and implanting 1 on Tuesday or Thursday) all of a sudden we feel like we are living on borrowed time. We have spent the last 16 months focused on baby number two, and it just hit me that I may only have 9 months left to spend alone with baby number one, my Little Man.

This isn't necessarily a bad or good feeling, it just means that I am very (emphasis on very) eager to do everything I can with the LM before we are locked down again with an infant (aka grounded for the next two years.) Those of you with kids know that traveling with one toddler is a HELL of a lot easier than traveling with one toddler and one screaming baby. After some of the travels I had with my guy during his infancy I can assure you that baby number two is staying home with mom as long as is humanly possible. Like 18 years long. Okay, not quite that long, but at least for 18 months.

I spent the better part of yesterday and today planning trips for myself and my first born. Part of me thinks that this is because I want my little man to have as much fun as possible before our wings are clipped, and part of me really wants to get out of New England because I am already OVER the cold and sadly it is only January. So come February the Little Man and I are taking this show on the road.

We had so much fun in California in October I figured why not go back? 60 degree weather in February sure beats the sub zero temps that we are destined to have here. After California we will be flying directly to Orlando to meet my hubby who will be attending a conference near Disney World. A free 5 star resort minutes away from Mickey Mouse? Yeah, I'm there. I'm keeping us home March and April just in case we need to do more IVF but this Summer I plan to enjoy every minute with my ONE little guy. The Cape? You've got it. Another trip to Cali? Why not. We may even bring the little guy on a trip we had planned to Cartagena in July.

Hopefully we are living on borrowed time....

(Photo Credit: From Here)