My Favorite Picture (By A Landslide.)

A few weeks ago I was tagged by the über fabulous That Girl of Forty Not Out to share with the world my absolute favorite picture of all time. This one was an easy one for me.

Not taking into account the cuteness factor (seriously, I could just eat that little tush) this is my favorite picture because it captured one of the best days of my life. It was taken while I was on a trip to Costa Rica with my sister, my husband, and my little man (quite possibly my three favorite people.) It was near the end of our three week stay and we thought we would take the little man down to the tide pools to watch the sun set. You can't tell by the picture but at the time I was 8 weeks along with baby number two and blissfully unaware that the next week I would find out that I miscarried. IVF was wasn't even a blip on my radar (ahhhh those were the days!) The air was about 85 degrees and the water was even warmer. Considering the freezing rain falling outside right now, I can honestly say I would give almost anything to be back there right now. In short, it was a perfect day sealed with a perfect kiss.

Okay, now it's your turn girls. If you want to play along I nominate Julie Q, Grams, and The Missus to share your favorite picture. Nudity is not a must, unless of course you are a two year old!