Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

Yesterday was my egg retrieval and things went pretty well. We retrieved 17 egglets and although I was very sleepy and sore the rest of the day I felt pretty good. That was yesterday.

Today I woke up in more pain than I had post surgery. My stomach is insanely "full" and I generally feel like crap. The obvious concern is that I am hyperstimulating which is the main concern with IVF and with the removal of as many eggs as I produced. My doctor is fairly concerned and has warned me that if it gets worse we may have to call off the transfer until next month (i.e. March.)

Are you freaking kidding me????? We've come this far and now I might have to wait even longer? Clearly I am being punished for something I did in my past life! Obviously this is not welcome news.

It's not over yet. I have been ordered to be on bed rest (which is somewhat possible, and as of now it will be movie day for the little man and I) and I am supposed to drink at least 120 ounces of Gatorade, Smart Water, and Coconut Water. That and salty foods. Right now I am chugging as much as I can of that disgusting green fluid.

I'm remaining hopeful that we can beat this thing. Until then I'll be drinking my weight in fluids. Have I expressed how ready I am for this all to be over?