We Came, We Saw, We High-Fived.

Yesterday was "Santa Day" and from morning to night my little man talked about nothing other than the fact that after school he was finally going to meet the man in red. The day was pretty uneventful until I picked up my boy only to find that he had a GIANT egg on his head (the picture doesn't do this thing justice.) After I consoled the teachers, assuring them that with my kid this kind of thing happens all the time, we went off to meet Mr. Claus.

We were in Beacon Hill and when my little man looked in the window of Nino's and asked for pizza I couldn't very well turn him away. What is it that they say about eating after a head injury? Note to self read up on head injuries, I see many more in our future.

Finally we made it to the main event. The line was long and you could feel the anticipation looming in the air. We waited and waited and my little man assured me that he was ready to climb up on that strange man's lap.

When it was finally our turn my little guy freaked. "No Santa" could be heard from a few blocks away. Santa then asked what my boy wanted for Christmas (cars!) and all was forgiven. The pressure to get him on the lap was felt by all, but alas Santa settled for a high five.

The little man was slightly annoyed that he didn't get his "new toy" on the spot, but a candy cane did wonders to change his demeanor. All and all the event took less than 15 minutes and I can assure you that neither of us will be scarred for life.

Yummy Mummy 1, Santa 0