Now That's What I Call Recycling!

Remember that old TV cart that I had been complaining about? You know, the one that was sitting in my future nursery with an old never watched TV sitting on it? Well, I was finally able to unload that TV and I agreed to go against everything I believe in by allowing my husband to mount a new one in our bedroom so he can play xbox on the one upstairs, how old is he? 5? (That's another post all together.)

Great right? Well, the problem was that I was left with a giant piece of wood furniture that wasn't worth a whole lot, but was too nice to throw away. At the same time I had been looking around for a bench for my entry so we would have somewhere to store shoes, hats, gloves, etc. Basically I needed a mud room.

Light bulb! What if, I thought to myself, I could find a way to turn the TV cart into a bench. Sure it's a little high, but this would be a great way to recycle that new/old piece of furniture. Turns out I was actually right about this one.



Can you tell I'm pretty proud of myself? For about 50 dollars I was able to have a cushion made by a lovely designer at etsy, and voila! I now have my mud room. Even better I found a place for those pillows that no longer match our new rug.

Now that's what I call recycling!