Coolest Christmas Present Ever.

Like most of you out there I am a huge converse fan. Huge. My little man has been wearing them since before he could walk and I too have had a long history with my white "Chucks."

We aren't doing a whole lot of Christmas presents this year, but for my younger sisters a "cool" present from their big sis is a must. That's why I was so psyched when I say on Gwyneth's Goop newsletter (I have tried unsuccessfully to subscribe more than once) that you can now customize your own converse. Seriously, what is cooler than that?

I wanted to make a pair for everyone I know, but I figured I would start with two for my girls.

The top is for my girly sis, and the bottom for my Twilight loving tween sister. I love them and I hope they do too! Now I just can't wait to give them away!

To customize your own converse you can visit their website here. The prices are pretty reasonable and for kids they start at a size 10 1/2 toddler. This means that in 2 years my little man is going to have a very cool shoe collection!