Oh, That's All?

According to a trainer at my gym there is only one thing standing in between me and this body. Ummmmm.....sign me up!

A few weeks back I had to miss my usual spin class due to a doctor's appointment so I was forced to use the gym equipment. Other than the treadmill I hate all gym equipment (including weights). I never feel as though I get that great of a workout and the truth is that I'm a bit scared of some of those crazy contraptions. This is why I stick to yoga, spin, and running. Only yoga, spin, and running. Sensing my dismay a trainer approached me and asked if I needed any help. "Yes!" was my immediate reply. When he asked what my goals were I simply told him, "by the time I am 40 I want my body to look exactly like Jennifer Aniston's did on the cover of this Summer's GQ. "Oh, is that all?" he sarcastically replied. "Yep, that's my goal, I have 10 years and one more baby to make it happen," I matter-of-factly told him. He said there was only ONE thing standing in the way of me and that butt. One torturous, painful, and demonic thing. The stairmaster. Not just any stairmaster, the giant stairmaster on crack.

Doesn't look that painful? Try climbing 2oo flights on it in about 30 minutes. Ouch! I have worked this into my Monday routine, and let me tell you that on Sunday I still am in pain. Legs, butt, abs, you name it I feel as though it has been hit by a truck. Hey, that just means it's working right?

Jennifer you better watch out...I'm coming for you!