The Mad Hatter.

Ever since my new Us Weekly arrived in the mail on Friday (yes, I am a long time subscriber, please don't judge) I have been obsessed with this hat that Jennifer Aniston has been rocking down in Mexico. Obsessed. I know what you are thinking, it's winter and where could I possibly wear a straw fedora? Normally you would be correct, this would be a completely frivolous purchase. But not this time. The fact is that I need this hat because in about 55 days the husband and I are leaving freezing cold New England for the beautiful sandy beaches of Tavarua, Fiji for 11 blissful LM free days! I know, pinch me I must be dreaming.

Fiji? As in Fiji? As in blue water, cabanas on the sea, cocktails whenever I want (unless of course we are lucky enough to hit the IVF on the first try.) Not only is it a dream come true for me, it is a much needed break for us. No work, no screaming 2 year old, no fertility treatments, no stress. The best part is that my AMAZING mother and father-in-law are coming to watch the LM. They were the same guardian angels that took suck good care of the little guy when we were in Maui last year. This leaves me feeling completely relaxed and so excited I kind of feel like I am going to jump out of my skin when I think about it.

Which brings me back to the hat. I need to prepare for this trip in very small steps, this way I will actually live until the end of January rather than dying of excitement. The first step? Sun protection. I MUST find this hat.

I say must, meaning that I already sort of did. I'm pretty sure this hat below is almost exactly like the one Jen is wearing in the picture. The problem is that it is 300 dollars. No, not pesos, dollars. Yeah, even I think that is crazy.

Since I don't plan on getting 20 million dollars for my next movie (which really is such a shame,) I went in search of a knockoff. This one may do the trick and for 30 dollars with free shipping and returns it can't hurt to try.

I still can't believe that we are actually going to Fiji. It really is like the planets aligned and whether I am pregnant or not we are going to have one kick ass adventure. Okay, I have to stop talking about it now or I may explode.

55 more days, 55 more days.........