I'm Not Sharing.

Houston we have a problem. Just as I was starting to kick some ass on my novel my little man has found a new favorite "toy." What is it you ask? Of course, it's Mommy's computer. See I made the mistake one rainy day of showing him sesamestreet.org and disney.com and now he wants to play these games with me all the time.

Last night my husband came home and the following conversation occurred:

Me: The little man needs a computer for Christmas, preferably a MacBook.
Him: You are crazy.
Me: But he keeps wanting to play on my computer all the time.
Him: So let him.
Me: But it's mine.
Him: You sound like a two year old.
Me: But it's mine!
Him: Aren't we supposed to be teaching him how to share?
Me: Yeah, well, I'm not sharing (insert pout here.)
Him: I bought you that computer so "technically" it's mine.
Me: Crap, you got me there.

Okay, okay I'll share a little bit, but soon we are going to have to have a throw down, UFC style. I know I'm bigger but that boy doesn't fight fair.... he's been know to use his teeth more than once. Round one, Little Man. Round Two? This one is going to be mine... I'm the only one who knows where the cookies are hiding.