I Can't Say They Didn't Warn Me.

I must admit that I rarely look at the age range when buying my little man a new toy. Small parts? Yes. Breakable pieces? Yes. Age appropriateness? Never. I always just figured those were just "guidelines." Yeah, well they're not.

A few months back a bought my little man a few wooden puzzles. He is very into letters and trucks and these puzzles incorporated those two loves. The puzzles said they were geared towards children 3 and up, and I must say I was a bit confused as to why. They are just puzzles, right?

Over the past few weeks I have answered my own question. The reason that they are for kids 3 and up is because ONLY kids who are three and up can put them back together. I can't say they didn't warm me.

My little man's favorite new game is to wake up and the first thing he wants to do in the morning is take apart every single puzzle. He then yells for me to put them back together. Then he takes them apart, yells for me.... vicious cycle. Needless to say I have become an expert at kid's puzzles, and my little man, well, he has learned how to make a really big mess really really fast.

I'm not quite sure that is what the manufacturer had in mind.

*And before any of you ask, yes that is a morning bottle my kid is holding. No, I didn't take it away when he turned two. Yes, I am TOTALLY weak. They are being thrown away next week when we go back to Maryland. I swear. I know I am a such a wimp.