I am Such an Idiot.

I am more than slightly embarrassed to share this with you all. In the interest of full disclosure I figured I owe you this one. So here goes.

We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom. I ceiling fan that also has a light in it. We designed and built our place from the ground up, but we let the developer pick all of the fixtures. In truth I just could be bothered with the minor details (there were so many!)

So they installed the fan. From day one the fan worked and the light never did. I would bring it up as part of our punch list and a year later I was still complaining about the damn thing. They told me to switch out the light bulbs, which still left me completely in the dark.

After a year the warranty expired and we still had no light. It was so strange, when I clicked the button on the wall there was nothing. Nada. Needless to say this was unacceptable, a girl needs a bedroom light. So I bitched and moaned and took my problem all the way to the top. Finally they agreed to send out an electrician who arrived yesterday.

The two of them entered my bedroom, and set up their ladder. What happened next made me want to crawl into a hole. He climbed to the top of his ladder, pulled the chain once that hung from the fixture, and viola! the light came on. "Oh, you just had to turn it on," he said.

Cut to me, bright red, cowering in the corner. "I am such an idiot," I said. They assured me that this thing happens all the time and they were just happy the problem was so easy to fix. They were clearly being nice.

It really is the things that are right in front of you that you completely overlook isn't it? So begins the hanging of my head in shame when I walk through the building. I am such an idiot.