An Entourage.

I know kids are notorious for having a lot of "collections." Things that they just can't go anywhere without. A bunch of random junk, some would say (myself included.) Well, my little man is no exception. The problem? The collection just keeps growing, and growing, and growing.

It started with just a few cars.....

Which grew into a truckload of vehicles.....

Which has evolved into all of this!

ALL of these things have to be wherever we are. The kitchen table, the bath (as shown here), his room, and sometimes he even stuffs as much as will fit under the stroller. Yep, even the deflated balloon. That rocket? Filled to the brim with almost every one of his worldly possessions.

Besides the fact that we are always rolling with this large entourage, the worst is that he refuses to go anywhere without that South Park doll. While I have never seen the show, I am well aware that it is not suitable for a 2 (or 30) year old. Why does he have it you ask? When we were visiting my parents he spotted it in one of my sister's rooms (why they have it is beyond me.) When he saw it he screamed Cailou! (which is his very favorite show.) While there is a slight resemblance it is not close enough to keep a bunch of strangers from asking me if I actually let him watch South Park. Hey, I may be liberal, but I'M NOT THAT LIBERAL!

Well, they already think I talk to myself. Just add it to the list!