RIP Cookie.

I was so sad to hear from my friend Julie Q that Conde Nast made the terrible decision to shut down Cookie magazine, aka the Greatest Mom's Magazine EVER. First Domino, and now Cookie? What is this world coming to? The truth is most parenting magazines suck. Suck, suck, suck. They are boring, have no style, and seriously lack any substance. Cookie was different. I will miss the fashion (for mom and baby/toddler), the recipes, the decorating inspiration, the parenting tips, the party advice, the hair and makeup tips. In short, I will miss EVERYTHING. Well at least there are 18 million Men's magazines depicting half naked women still in circulation. Whew, now I can rest easy. Seriously, it seems very unfair. Getting my Cookie was the highlight of my month, my mailbox will never be the same.

In honor of you Cookie. You will very much be missed by this mum.