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A Message From the Bag Gods.

For my 30th b-day my husband got me exactly what I wanted. Well, he actually didn't get me anything tangible, rather he gave me permission to get my dream bag. The thing was I wasn't sure what my dream bag actually was so I have spent the past 6 months making sure that I make the right choice.

I finally decided on the Bottega Veneta, and last week I went to Barneys to procure my treasure. Luckily or unluckily (you decide) for me they did not have the color I wanted in stock and the salesman informed me that it would take a few days to order it. I was in no hurry so I figured I would just stop back later in the week. As I was leaving I got sent a very clear message from the bag Gods. Seriously, it could not have been any clearer if they had floated down from shopping heaven and screamed it in my ear.

As I was walking out of the store the unthinkable happened. The strap on my leather navy Marc Jacobs Tote snapped sending all of the contents of my purse crashing to the floor. As I was on my hands and knees picking up the juice boxes, raisins, books, toy cars, diapers, wipes, my walllet, my Kindle...etc it hit me. What am I thinking? Do I really want to put all of this crap in a bag that beautiful? Absolutely not!

The sad truth is that I need to carry all of this stuff, and while the bag may be beautiful it is just not that practical for the stage of life that I am in now. Two or three (four) years from now, sure, I won't need to carry so much stuff and the last thing that I want is to trash this bag now, leaving me lusting after another down the road. I explained all of this to my husband (who by the way thinks I'm crazy to give it up this easily) and he assured me that this invitation is always open to get it whenever I'm sure I won't destroy it.

This still left me with one problem. Now that the other bag was broken (truth be told it wasn't that practical either) what the hell was I going to carry all my crap in? We are way past the diaper bag stage and I am not ready to go back until baby number two comes around. What was a mum to do? Then I found it, the perfect mom bag. No, not diaper bag, a mom bag.

The Serena and Lily gypsy tote is EXACTLY what I need. It is stylish, washable, the lining can be wiped clean, it is made to fit over the handle of the Bugaboo, and it is small enough that it can be folded up into another bag for travel but large enough to hold everything I need. Not only that but it comes with a matching clutch that can act as a wallet, but is also big enough to hold a few diapers and wipes, even a coordinating changing pad. Hello perfection! Priced at around $200 this bag is great for everyday use without breaking the bank.

Maybe it's not my dream bag, but this is definitely my "reality" bag. The Bottega will always be there, this way it will always be there in perfect pristine condition. Sometimes it just takes a message from the bag Gods to be shown the light.

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