Today it's been one year and two weeks since my miscarriage. That means today is the day we are "officially" infertile for insurance purposes. This means we can finally get this ball rolling. We met with the Dr. today and here is the bottom line. I'll keep it short because I'm sure some of you out there are more than bored with this topic (myself included.)
  • This will be my last Clomid cycle. Clearly it is not working and at this point it has weakened my lining to the point that it's not that likely that we will conceive this way. Buh bye Clonmid, I can't be happier to be done with this.
  • Next cycle we start injectibles and IUI. Basically they are daily injections to stimulate the follicles with artificial insemination.
  • We do this for two months.
  • If during one of those cycles I stimulate more than 3 eggs than we can get emergency IVF and implant 2 eggs. If it is 3 we can decide not to go forward with the insemination, and if it is 2 or lower we would move forward.
  • After two months if this doesn't work we move forward with the IVF implanting one or two eggs (we haven't decided.)
  • The Doc said I should feel better once I get off the Clomid.
Bottom line? They have no idea why we can get pregnant. Clomid is doing more harm than good. They can get us pregnant. We could very easily have twins.

The husband very much only wants one more baby and my doctor seems to be very cautious erring on the side of, "I'd rather have one follicle than three" so overall I pretty good about it.

So now we just wait until next month. Seems like we may have a baby (or two) on their way before Christmas. Exciting and scary!

Obviously, if any of you out there have been through this or are going through this, any advice or thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated!