I've Always Been a Sucker For a Man in a Uniform.

One of the best things about having kids is how much more enjoyable a holiday can be is when it is seen through the eyes of a little one. Take Halloween for example. Prior to the LM I wasn't much of a fan (hello understatement!). The pressure to have a great costume was just too much for me to handle. This may be the reason why I have gone as a "cat" at least 4 times in my adult life. Ears, whiskers, a tail? Yeah, that's about as creative as I get. Luckily for me gone are the days of Halloween parties, and the only one who does the dressing up now is my little guy. This year we kicked the season off early and went to Halloween Town on Saturday. The event was really spectacular and despite my concern that it would be too scary, my little man had a great time.

First the costume. The little man is obsessed (!) with fire trucks. So of course he is a fireman this year. Tommy Gavin eat your heart out!

While I thought that the climbing structure would be the highlight of our day.

He actually loved the moon bounce much more despite being tossed around by kids 3 times his size.

He even sat for a few minutes for a spooky story time.

Although I think it had more to do with his love of the bean bags than it did with the love of the story.

On Sunday we carved our first pumpkin together. Here is the little man touching the guts. Let's just say he was not a fan.

With a little help from mom we carved our pumpkin.

Which turned our to be A LOT scarier than expected.

Oops! Next year I think we are going to have to use one of those cheater kits! With 6 more days to Halloween we are off to a pretty good start. So long as I don't have to dress up this should be a Halloween to remember. If by any chance I get sucked in to an adults only party while we are in California, I'll be the one with the whiskers. 5 years and counting....