I'm Back!!!!!!

Picture me last Tuesday evening. My husband had just left for a week long business trip and my little man had just gone to bed. I poured myself a (rather large) glass of wine and began doing what I love to do best; surfing the internet. I noticed that my computer was running a bit slow and was having trouble quickly loading the various windows. I then made the fatal mistake that ever computer geek knows you are not supposed to do. I restarted my computer. Yep, Yummy Mummy is no computer genius.

What happened next? Absolutely nothing. As in nothing. As in the screen was grey, nothing would load, it wouldn't turn on or off. Nothing. I made a frantic call to Apple care where they informed me that my baby was in need of urgent care. The next morning we took the sick one down to the Apple store (or the "puter doctor as the Little Man called it") and I learned that my 2nd child was in need of some immediate surgery that that a new hard drive would be trasplanted. Of course I never thought about backing anything up given that most of the things that I need are usually online. Everything except the book I have been working on. 50 pages, 6 chapters, ugh. Long story long, after a week I was able to recover everything and last night my little one came home with a clean bill of health. Which means one thing, just like that creepy little girl in poltergeist.......I'm back!!!

Here are some pictures from our journey.

The Genius bar at the Mac store. Sadly, cocktails were not served. Not even when I began sobbing on the desk. What kind of "bar" is this I ask?

The little man kept a very close eye on his brother the whole time. He too was very concerned and wondered if the computer was going to get a shot just like he has to when he goes to the doctor.

Perhaps it is things like this that led to my baby's demise. From now on, NO driving on the computer.

As you can guess a week without being able to say what's on my mind has left me with, well, a lot on my mind. Please forgive my peppering of posts....I'm just so damn happy to be back. Godd bless apple care, and a big thank you to all of those computer geniuses out there!