I, like most parents, love nothing more than a sleeping baby. The problem is that my baby NEVER lets me actually see him sleeping. I swear this kid has ears like a bat. Every time I want to sneak in and "check" on him, he pops right up and I am forced to quickly duck and run out the door. This has been going on for about a year now. Well, buddy I finally gotcha!

Yesterday I went to get the little man up from his nap so we could make it to school on time. I opened the door expecting to find my normally smiling little man and instead I found this unconscious little guy. He was out. Out. Out. Out. Not only did I have time to run upstairs and come back down, but he stayed sleeping long enough for me to grab more than a few pictures. Or proof I call them. Proof that for about 14 hours a day he can be a quiet, sweet little boy.

You know bud, you actually have the entire crib to sleep in, you don't have to confine yourself to the upper quarter. Guess we won't be needing that "big boy" bed anytime soon!