A Fall Tradition.

Apple Picking in October has become a bit of a fall tradition in our family. We have gone every year since my little boy has been born. Here is the little man on his first trip to the orchard at about 6 weeks old. No, this picture hasn't been altered, that apple really is almost as big as he is!

And again last year when he was 13 months old. He couldn't fully walk but that didn't stop him from climbing the ladders to try and get his prize. He soon realized that it was easier to get them off the ground, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that wasn't how its done.

To keep up this tradition today we went to the Lookout Farm in Wellesely with the little man's best friends in the whole world (it helps that their Mommies are my best friends in the whole world too.) This was the first time we went to this particular farm, and it truly lived up to it's reputation as the absolute best place to pick apples if you have kids. I have to be honest here. Unlike in past trips we didn't actually pick any apples. Why? Because at the farm they had all this:

A petting zoo.

Full of cows, and sheep, and goats and emus...you name it they had it.

Rides for the kids. My little man must have ridden the caterpillar about 3 times. I literally had to pull him off at the end.

There were streets full of tree lined "tunnels" to run through.

My little man made sure to act as tour director for any lost patrons.

To get around you had to ride a train. What kid can resist a train I ask? Heck, what adult can resist. This is how you ride in style!

While we didn't pick any apples we did make sure to pick a pumpkin, or three.

What else was at this farm? A park with two slides, a maze, a haystack made for climbing and the best part......... a farm stand right at the end of the driveway that sells bags of already picked apples, and fresh apple cider. Hey, you can't get cider on a tree!

I can't recommend this place enough if you live in the area and you have kids. Honestly, even if you don't have kids this place is still awesome! Word to the wise, they only have apple cider donuts on the weekend. Yes, this may be enough incentive for me to go back on Saturday! You may think I'm joking, but you have never gotten in between me and an apple cider donut.